Balsamic Vinegar Creams

Balsamic Vinegar Creams

Our balsamic vinegar creams of Modena are a product obtained from the Garda region of Italy. This Flavors of Lonato exclusive signature line was developed in collaboration with a team of international chefs who set the basic principals for each balsamic cream. The aim of this line is to replicate the preparation techniques normally implemented in the recipes cooked in any professional kitchen while avoiding carbonization and ensuing bitter taste along with the controlled maintenance of the acidity provided by the balsamic vinegar.

The ingredients for our creams are chosen very carefully from among pure and healthy food stuffs which do not give the product unwanted flavors that clash with the taste of the balsamic vinegar. Each cream was developed in such a way that it does not cover the taste of the food, rather, it acts as an added enhancer to the taste and aroma of every dish. The velvety taste of our balsamic vinegar creams successfully combine with a variety of intense aromas, including: truffles, fruits, basil from Ligurta, red hot peppers, soy and ginger to name a few…..

The dense and sticky texture of our creams remain stable on both the dish and food which provides consistent characteristics in terms of quality and aroma! Decorations will remain stable and bright on every dish even if heated. A bottle of Crema di Balsamico allows a chef to decorate and dress approximately 500 dishes with a 12-14 cm area of decoration. The shape of the 2mm decorating tip and the very high density of the product allow chefs to form patterns and decorations quickly and precisely.

Our balsamic creams include the following flavors:

Balsamic Raspberry Peach Mango Basil White Balsamic Hot Truffle Lemon Figs Soy and Ginger Soy and Wasabi Pears and Walnuts Chestnuts Dried Sicilian Tomato