Balsamic Vinegars

Our balsamic vinegars of Modena are an expression of the best raw materials, hard work, and the finest care of their processing and refinement. A well calibrated balance focused on perfumed scents and flavors leading to a product of great organoleptic excellence combining sweetness, sour, and fragrance in a rare blending match that is its main characteristic. The major role played by the Egocalo self-certification is clearly discernible in this line of balsamic vinegars. With four distinct classes, we offer a broad range of markedly unique variances to define a set of organoleptic proposals suitable for the most refined and expert palates.


Traditional Aceto Balsamic di Modena: These specialized balsamic vinegars enhance any creative entree. These vinegars are created with centuries old traditions and aged 12 and 25 years.



Amea’ apple vinegar has become the leading product among the apple vinegars. Thanks to the use of ancient techniques, “Flavors of Lonato,” has generated 4 classes: Egocalo V, X, XV, XX. The use of which is perfectly guided by its specific features for you to choose from:

Amea’ Egocalo V: has a dry and fragrant touch, and a clear and pleasant sour taste. Suitable for mixed salads with fruit, rice, or grilled bluefish.

Amea’ Egocalo X: has a fuller body with an obvious and apparent scent of apple which persists after cooking. Suitable for apple and apricot risottos.

Amea’ Egocalo XV: strong scent of apple combined with aged balsamic vinegar makes it the prefect addition for refining recipes. Suitable for: quail, goose, guinea fowl, and roasted duck with vegetables such as shallots, green beans and carrots.

Amea’ Egocalo XX: characterized by marked bitterness and a velvety texture fermented in oak barrels, this vinegar is suitable for risottos with herbs and fruit, grilled and roasted white meat, veals, stews, and vegetables. Also a pleasant dressing for ice cream, fruit salads, along with apple strudel and dried fruit cakes.


Aceto Balsamic Tradizionale di Modena: Preferably served fresh, this vinegar’s best expression involves Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and strawberries; it is delicious on salads and roasted and stewed meats.



Single wine vinegars are obtained from a selection of wines fermented in vats and oak barrels. Their skillful processing and sensorial features allow all of the organoleptic features of the wine to be carefully maintained. They are strongly fragrant and have an intense wine taste. Pinot single wine is suitable for delicate fish, crustaceans, fresh vegetables and venison. Our Chianti Single wine vinegar is characterized by robust and tannic taste with a great body. Ideal for roast and grilled red meat, stews and boiled vegetables. This single vinegar is particularly suitable for all dishes based on leguminous vegetables and soups.

Aceto flavored vinegars are obtained through the infusion of specific organic herbs, flowers and fruits. In order to keep the vinegar scent unaltered, this product has been fined tuned in its own flavoring system to allow the vinegar to maintain its persistence over time. With their strong and complex organoleptic characteristics they are intended for cooks who are willing to prepare dishes with flavored scents in a balanced mix that is never excessive. Flavors include: tarragon, shallot, green pepper, sage, garlic and raspberry. Good for fennel salads, radish salads, small fish, bluefish and cooked vegetables.


Aceto Balsamic Tradizionale di Modena: These vinegars are created with centuries old traditions and aged 12 or 25 years for you to enjoy.




Senso – Balsamic vinegar is a remarkably and perceptible dense vinegar with excellent viscous properties and dark color. With four distinct classes of Senso: V, X, XV, XX.

Senso V: is suitable for balancing combinations with the taste of oil and is ideal for salads, fresh vegetables, sophisticated and intense vinaigrettes.

Senso X: is suitable for winter salads, red radish, fennels, mixtures of dried fruit and seeds as well as wild game and venison

Senso XV: is suitable for enhancing the final taste of any recipe and plays a fundamental role in white meat seasoned with strong aromatic herbs, sapid vegetables, soups and broths rich in leguminous vegetables and stewed meat.

Senso XX: has well balanced flavors suitable for enhancing the main course of smoked stockfish and salmon, roast meats as well as frozen ice-cream and maize pie.