Italian Roast Coffee

Our line of Italian Roast Coffee is made up of different blends of coffee beans expertly selected from the best plantations around the world for their quality and flavor.  They are roasted with passion using the ancient tradition of roasting the beans in small quantities to preserve and enhance their inherent flavor.  Our experience in roasting coffee dates back to 1939.

We offer two mixtures – “Delicate” and “Intenso.”  The “Delicate” mixture is a high-profile union of Brazil Santos Selecto Plus, Indian Plantation High and Nicaragua Matagalpa.  The predominate flavor is sweetness with a mild degree of acidity and a chocolate aftertaste.  The “Intenso” mixture is a high profile union of mainly Sidamo, Guatemala Antigua and Panama beans.  Combined with other coffee arabica, it results in a pleasant acidity with a high full-bodied and spicy flavor that includes  hints of chocolate.