Premium Olive Oils

Olive Oils

Our organic, premium olive oils are made from olives grown on the western side of Lake Garda.  These olives are nurtured through respect for the soil and traditions of the past.

The oil  processing utilizes applications of modern technology, professionalism and pride without the use of chemical additives.

Traditional extra virgin olive oils are cold pressed within 24 hours of harvesting.  Our premium line is cold pressed within 4 hours of harvesting. Our two types of premium olive oil have two distinct processes;  the extra virgin green label is “Denocciolato” which means processed without the pit for a more traditional taste; and our “Robusto” orange label is processed with the pit which is unique to our label and gives a smooth, fuller flavor.  To further the tradition of quality and invest in future crops, the organic materials left over after processing are distributed back to the olive trees as fertilizer. This high quality olive oil is offered in its pure form with a light, fruity palate with hints of sweet almond.

Extra Virgin Organic Classic (orange label) and Extra Virgin Organic Biological Method Pitted olive oils (green label) are offered in sizes from 100 ml to 5 liters.