Sali Liquido (Liquid Salt)

Sali Liquido

Researching to enrich our line of condiments, we came across a product that has long been a part of our daily lives: salt. Pursuing this path, we discovered a brightly colored world, one that can enrich our savory ideas with a creative touch. How about sprinkling a bit of this on our dishes? Try our line of liquid salt, created for its practical usage and for its very important health features. The recommended dosage is four times less than that of common table salt. Use it to season, flavor and especially to decorate your favorite dishes.


Alaea: is a traditional Hawaiian table salt named after a natural mineral, a red clay of volcanic origin, thus it is typically a bright red color. Due to its iron content, up to five times more than what is contained in common salt, it is suitable for those suffering from anemia. It tastes slightly of hazelnuts and is used on grilled meats (pork, lamb, etc.)and roasts. It is also excellent for salting fine herb-butter that goes with grilled fish, and because of its color, it is used by chefs to garnish important dishes. Liquid salt allows you to use lower dosages.


Black Marine Salt: from the Island of Molokai, dried on volcanic soils and processed by local artisanal craftsman, is rich in elements and active carbon which endows it with a characteristic color, along with detoxifying properties. Compared to common white salt, it is less risky for hypertensive users. Black salt tastes slightly bitter. Its fragrance is dry, distinct, slightly smoky with a hint of sulfuric notes. It is excellent as a decorative item, it gives a really scenic impact when serving dishes, and is special in preparing white and red meats on the barbeque. Excellent with salmon, caviar, vegetables and salads, sushi, or simply on plain pasta. Liquid salt makes for lower dosages.


Liquid Marine Salt: is a natural product which is produced from the action of salt fused with the action of the winds in the saltpans. This salt is commonly used for cooking to highlight the flavor of many foods. An important health feature is that with liquid salt you use a lower dosage compared to salt crystals and it is practical to spray uniformly over foods.