SIAL 2012 – Liquid salts Mengazzoli receive the Innovation Awards

sial_logoMay 13 2013

During SIAL 2012 Mengazzoli company stood out for its creativity and attention to consumers’ needs.

The new range of liquid salts won 3 important awards:

  • SIAL Innovation Award 2012
  • SIAL Innovation WEB Award 2012
  • Selection Intermarché SIAL 2012

Sial_AwardThe Mengazzoli liquid salts’ range stood out for its originality and its convenience: liquid salt allows to reduce sodium consumption to 1/4th; convenient and handy gives sapidity to any dish with a light salty rain.

3 are the liquid salts which were given the awards: white liquid salt, which is obtained from the sun and wind in salt flats; red liquid salt of Hawaii, containing red clay and iron, good for anemia; black liquid salt of Hawaii, rich in coal having detoxifying properties, which reduces the risk of hypertension.

They are not just convenient and innovative, but also good for your health, rich in healthy properties. We can definitely say “Appealing, Tasty and…Healthy”.